A gloomy, dull but dry day, just the job for warming myself up and going round the garden checking out and tidying things up for the wildlife in Spring and Summer.

The old Aluminium Bath now pond

The Pond

The pond is actually an old Aluminium Bath. I cleared out the weeds (making sure I wasn’t disturbing any hibernating Frogs) refilled and placed some rocks so they just poked above the water.
Not only will this encourage birds on to it more bt act as an escape should any Hedgehog decide to go for a swim.
This will be surrounded by Butterfly friendly flowers and the forever returning one day Lily’s.

I’ve surrounded the pond with fairly rotten branches from last year and the year befores lopping which appear to be homes for many overwintering bugs.

Bird- Frog - Bat -Boxes

Birds, Bats and Frogs!

I’ve four Tit Boxes in total and one more suited for Robins.
The Bat Box has been up for two years now so I’m hoping human smell has gone and the wood has got to be a little more natural.
The Summertime Frog Shelter is just an old roof top tile placed next to the pond and with the cover there should supply a nice dampish cool atmosphere.

The House Sparrows last year nested in four areas of the house eaves, but some babies were taken by Jays, so I’ve put some chicken wire up in their favourite locations.

Hedgehog House Rabbit Hole Tree Lopping for wildlife
Hedgehog House – Rabbit Hole – Loppings for wildlife

Hedgehog House

I’m not touching this as I’m certain there’s a Hedgehog in there still sleeping, she or he were last November and last Autumn I noticed a track going inside which was duly overed over the next day.
Certainly not Rats as all seems undisturbed.

The Wood Stack

I’ve been putting all the larger branches I’ve cut down around and about in one big pile on the edge of the wasteland area at the back of the garden.
Last year never a dull moment watching Wrens and Dunnocks flying to and fro, it also attracted a rather nice walk way for a few Rabbits.
It’s strange that we’ve had Rabbits in the Garden for a few years, but they never seem to eat any of the Vegetables !

Fox-feeding-shelter Fox in the front Garden
The old Lorry Tyre Cover, now Daphne’s Feeding Station !


I’m still feeding ‘Daphne’ the Vixen. Last Autumn she sustained a rather nasty limp, which I believe was caused by a fight. Being too hard to catch, I decided to just make sure she was getting food and although a long while, she seems pretty back to normal.
By that I mean she sits and waits for her Tesco’s Cat Sachet late afternoon….every day!

Bug House Hotel

The Bug House

Last Autumn it ws a joy to watch the Leafcutter bees flying their bits of leaf into the holes, turning round and pushing them in firmly, so I’m expecting new ones out and about again soon.
I’ve already seen a few Bumble and Honey Bees about, so this is encouraging.

It’s all going on, or about to down the Lane !

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