As with any great birdwatching place, Dungeness can often be a little hit and miss and today, for me anyway, was one of those days.

Gulls taking off on Dungeness Beach

I started off at RSPB in hope of getting a photograph of the now two Long Eared Owls. Needless to say, not even one was there!
Rather than doing my usual circuit of the main Reserve area I headed off to the Beach, again quiet although it was interesting to see there are still Bumble Bees flying around the hedgerow at the old Lighthouse Garden.
However, it gave me a chance of capturing a few Gulls all be it not seeing the Caspian Gulls which are there or thereabouts of late.

Juvenile Gull Dungeness beach Great Black Winged Gull Gull with Fish

At the Reserve I’d bumped into the Warden of the BTO Observatory which reminded me I owed them money for this years ‘Friends’ Membership so I popped in there to pay up.
This gave me a chance to see if I’d missed anything on my journeys, I hadn’t apparently, a quiet day by all.

Bumble Bee in January

Great White Egret ARC Dungeness

After this I went along to the Kerton Road area to see if I could spot the rare Stejneger’s Stonechat, couldn’t find him or her either. Oh dear !
A quick walk along the ARC did produce a photo of a Great White Egret.
It was then on to Scotney Farm where I thought at least I’d see the Little Owl which is present virtually daily, wasn’t there either!

Kestrel on Walland Marsh

I took the Walland Marsh route back home and at least got a photograph of a Kestrel posing quite nicely on top of a telegraph pole.

Maybe not a successful bird watching day, but the sun shone for most of the time and I convinced myself the fresh air did me good!

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