Beside going to Skomer to see the birds and other wildlife, visiting at this time of the year affords you a glorious array of Bluebells. Those who may have thought these flowers are for woodland only – you are mistaken, a huge carpet covers much of the Island.

The one thing that often surpises us is where birds decide to nest and on Skomer, as soon as you get off the boat, the path takes you to within about 5 meters of a Razorbills nest ! Having only seen them from afar before, the sharpness and clarity of their pattern is unique..

Razorbills on Skomer Island
The nice thing about seeing Choughs, for me the first time, is they only reside on the west coats of Wales, lower western Scotland and Ireland, plus the fact there are only some 300 odd pairs in the Country, a bonus.
I saw five following each other around on the northern part of Skomer. At first sight they can obviously be mistaken for Vlackbirds or Crows from afar, but getting closer to them you catch the glimpse of their distinctive red beaks and feet.
Black birds are always a problem to photograph, but I managed a few all be it not the best!

Chough Skomer Island
Beside that, where do you start. Beside the more common smaller birds there’s much more on show; Guillemots, Kittiwakes, Shags, Fulmers and many Predators..

Raven on Skomer Fulmer Barrel Jelly Fish
Raven – Fulmer – Barrel Jelly Fish (real whopper!)

Skomer is owned and run by the Pembrokeshire Wildlife Trust. You can buy a limited amount of Snacks and Drinks at the Shop there, but if visiting for the full five hours or so, I suggest taking a packed lunch. For more details go to their Website


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