Although the Garden and it’s surrounding are pretty much bird friendly with so many wild Blackberries, Rowan and other fruit etc., I thought it about time to start off feeding the Birds again.

Because of the Stream opposite, a Field behind and next door keeping Rabbits, we are somewhat attracted to Rats, so my first job was to make a few alterations and adjustments to my existing set up.

Home made Bird Table

DIY Bird Feeder

In the Front Garden I moved the whole Feeder contraption further away from the branches of the small tree, surrounded the upright with downnpipe and attached a few thorn cut offs around the bottom.
It seems to have done the trick, no Rats climbing up anymore. In fact for some reason or other, the Rats seem to have vanished, maybe the local Predator Birds are having a feast, possible an Owl as well?

In the back Garden I made a better and bigger table to stop crumbs falling to the ground beside the Pond. The Rats were having a field day there rummaging through the One Day Lilys and other flowers.
I’ve also lowered the roof a little to hopefully stop the Sparrowhawk, or at least slowing him or her down so the Tits etc. have a better chance of escape.
As it happens, the Sparrowhawk has ample Pigeon available on the fields.
Again I’ve put thorn twigs on the upright and enveloped the upright with Downpipe.

Dunnock Starling and Blackberries

None of this will stop the Squirrels of course, battling them is a lose lose situation. Watch, admire their diversity and cunning plus just accept it !

It was nice to see the Chiffchaff appear. Like the Grey Wagtails, they seem to wander off during late Spring then return again about now.
Blackbird numbers are increasing in droves. I don’t think there’s any Scandinavian migrants yet but certainly the increase in numbers shows they are moving south from other parts of the Country.
Starlings are also very apparent at present

Chiffchaff in Garden

Weather patterns seem to be changing every year with some birds too early, some late. I wouldn’t like to be a Farmer, I’m sure in previous times they knew exactly when to do what, nowadays it’s all a suck it and see situation.

However, jobs done and all birds welcome down the Lane.

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