Whilst sitting in my favourite Garden Chair just by my Bug / Bee Hotel I wasn’t expecting to see a Solitary Bee buzz past me quite this early and make it’s way to one of the holes I drilled.

Solitary Bee in Bee Hotel

For the next hour I sat there watching with great interest as two flew in and out scooping out sawdust in a fashion not dis-similar to the Men of Stalug Luft 111 moling their way to hopeful freedom. In fact it was only when they started I realised the small mound of dust on the shelf below, probably two desert spoons worth.
One’s imagination starts to work and you think about the times you moved into a new place and started on the decorating and general preparation for the season ahead.

Juvenile Blue Tit

Meanwhile Juvenile Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits and Dunnocks were flashing across the flower beds to the Bird Table, grab and run comes to mind.
I only put Fat Balls and some seed out through Summer. Some say you shouldn’t feed them through this season, I’m afraid I’m a big softie and like think I’m giving them a good start in life.
They’re just as happy in all areas of the Garden.

Honey Bee on Hogweed Bonking Beetle

Up in the wilderness end of the Garden, the Stinging Nettles, Thistle and Hogweed is attracting much life, mainly Honey Bees, Butterflies and oc ourse, the Bonking Beetles, although I have to say, not as many as last year.

Life is good !

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