Spotted Flycatcher

Fledged Spotted Flycatcher

Great news to close off July is that at least two of the Spotted Flycatchers have fledged.
I say this as the Parents are still taking food into the nest, the two which have fledged are ‘talking’ to each other, one of either side of the Lane.

Our resident Fox

Her four Cubs must be around the 4 / 5 month old mark now (Video to follow shortly) although she is still taking some of the food away with her so I presume they’re still about.

Her poorly back leg still gives her a bit of jip now and again, for that reason we still feed her a bit which hopefully has taken the strain off her searching for food for the Cubs.
Saying that I notice there are a few Hazelnuts and pips in the poos scattered her and there so I hope the Cubs are now well enough trained to survive on their own when and if they have to.

Flox resting in Garden

A short trip to Conningbrook Lakes

Normally I will walk from my home over the fields and along the Great Stour to Conningbrook Lakes, but not quite up to that yet, so it was nice that someone said they’d come with me if I drove to the far side where there’s a shorter walk to the Eco and Northern Lakes.

Great Stour at Conningbrook
House Sparrows on Corn

Besides a good selection of Buterflies and Damselflies, there wasn’t much about but two pf three Herons put on a good display and it was nice just to get out for once, I normally go there twice a week, I haven’t been at all for eight !

Two Herons at Conningbrook

August is upon us and time gets nearer and nearer to weather change and migration. Summer is great of course, but you can’t see the birds you hear and coastal climes are pretty thin.
Late Summer though brings about deepening colour, heavier leaf with many changes taking place. I always think it’s not about 4 seasons, it’s about 365 days, every day something new happens, something stops and something turns up.

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