Rare Heron, Rare Bird

I’ve been very lucky over the last few weeks with Herons. First, whilst visiting Ashford for a few days, thanks to Neil a good Birding friend, I saw a Night Heron at Conningbrook Lakes ans then, the Squacco Heron at Titchfield.

Squacco Heron

I managed to see it the second time it visited. It made it’s first appearance two weeks previously. Being a bit of a fairweather Birder, I went down to Titchfield on the fifth day of sitings only to find it had flown away the night before. This time I made sure and went the second day and after a few minutes wait by Posbrook Floods it suddenly flew from the north side to south.

Squacco Heron Titchfield Squacco Heron in flight

A great siting and…..the next day it had gone again !

Squacco Heron Posbrook Flood

Juvenile Tawny Owl

It’s strange because the Tawny is the most popular and seen Owls in the UK., In 5 years of birdwatching I’ve seen Barn, Short Eared, Long Eared and little, but never the Tawny.

Juvenile Tawny Owl

Although it would have been nicer to see an Adult first, I was delighted to spot this Juvenile not far from the Nest half way down the Path alongside the Titchfield Canal.

Maybe the adult will come my way shortly !

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