It really is a good time of the year for bird migrants and to see two Swallows sitting on the Cables at the end of my Garden this week was a real joy.
They have been seen in Dungeness and other coastal places for a couple of weeks now, but over their rest for a while they’re returning to their haunts of previous years.
South Africa is a long flight !

Two Swallows resting

Speckled Wood Butterflies

To add to my already seen Small Whites, Tortoiseshells, Peacocks and Orange Tips, are the Speckled Woods which at present are mainly seen in pairs doing their frisky mating dances along openings in the driveway and Lawn.
To photograph them it’s just a case of waiting. Sooner or later, they’ll have a break !

Speckled Wood Butterfly

More activity round the Garden and Lane

Every year about this time sees an increase of Squirrel raids around the Bird Feeders. Try as one may, you’re usually on a losing battle to save your peanuts, the only good news is the Birds are now finding their own natural food sources and the Peanuts can be stored away until Autumn.


However, Greater Spotted Woodpeckers are pretty active now and it won’t be long before we see the parents and young ones at the Feeders for the Fat Balls!
There’s a pair of Green Woodpeckers about as well, nothing like hearing their laughing call!

Lastly, the evening song is alive, resident Song Thrushes fight it out with Blackbirds, Robin and the ever tuneful Chiffchaff.

Song Thrush

With a few cold days forecast next week it will be interesting to see how everything fairs, including my Vegetables !


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