A hundred years ago there were three Mills down the Lane here in Kennington Kent 1. Windmill 2. Steam Mill and 3. Water Mill.
All three Mills closed quite a while ago and when that happened, the MillPond was shut of and the Stream which flows from Eastwell Lake to The Great Stour was diverted around the Mill House taking in two waterfalls on the way.

Tench swimming with Chub

For years there have been Chub ‘locked in’ a stretch of Stream of about 100 meters, some parts sheltered, some parts deep, lots of crevices and covered partly by an underground section below the house and two bridges.
I wouldn’t know how many generations the Chub have been through, every year you see babies but more often than not a Heron will predate them.

Just a week ago a Tench has turned up, obviously swept down stream from the Lake, it can’t go further to the River and can’t return to the Lake due to the Waterfalls.

Eastwell Lake Eastwell Lake from where the Tench came from – bit of a difference!

What is surprising, I don’t know anything about fish, is how they are all living so socially together.
Luckily my brother is A1 on fish and informs me that this can only be good for the Chub. Tench are also known as ‘Doctor Fish’ and other fish will rub up against them for medicinal purposes.

The shame is of course, the Tench hasn’t a Mate to progress it’s family, so maybe just a passing visitor but much liked by the Chub and indeed the four neighbours down the Lane who love going to watch them.

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