Bit of a dodgy hip today so my walk down the Fields was mainly spent looking down rather than looking up, didn’t fancy a fall!

This turned out to be a more pleasant walk than I expected; the wildlife buffer around the fields seems to be attracting all sorts of flora which in turn is bringing the Butterflies and other Invertebrates. Even a few Midges aren’t too much trouble and they are at least supplying good food for many birds (mainly Skylarks there).

Wild Field Daisies

I’m still awaiting to see a Meadow Brown, there were quite a lot last year and I believe now is about the right time for them to show.
Compared to last week when I posted that I was worried about the lack of Butterflies, loads of Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admirals, Specked Woods, Small Blues and Peacocks have arrived in their multitudes! The Moths are also apparent, so nice to see one my and others favourites The Cinnabar.

poppys in the fields Cinnabar Moth Red Admiral Butterfly Speckled Wood

Also showing are a few Dragon Flies; plenty of Four Spotted Chasers and now Demoiselles are hopping between the four feet high grass.

Demoiselle Dragon

With a number of days of heavy rain much of the areas left to grow wild are becoming inaccessible. The good thing is they’re becoming inaccessible to human intervention and just left for whatever creature wants to show a presence.
All in all it’s making great sources of food for those who need and deserve it !

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