Looking around the Garden it was nice to find a few holes I hadn’t seen before. Slightly larger than the Field Mouse hole under the up-turned Gutter close by, I thought I’d set the Camcorder up to discover what the new visitors were.

It didn’t take long, a ten minute return found hey are indeed entrances to a Vole residence.

With Barn Owls living reasonably close by, to be heard in the depths of night and often waking me up, these are indeed welcome visitors. Luckily my Ginger Cat has always been useless at hunting, if he tries at all, so these little creatures can have as much space as they wish.


Well it’s a good thing that old Ginger can’t be bothered because this little fella has been wandering free accross the Lawn for a number of days. Cats don’t like the taste anyway!

Shrew on Lawn

I must say they are amusing to watch, if you see them out the corner of your eye it’s like a clockwork toy rushing around suddenly going into almost any direction then occasionally stopping to nose dive into the grass for it’s food.

Shrew digging in grass

With Voles, Shrews and Field Mice living in the underground world of my Garden it’s nice to know I am not alone and they all play a major role in the cycle of nature.

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