When fully fit and motivated I can walk from home to the furthest lake at Conningbrook and back with no problem, a distance of some 5 miles.
On Saturday I was lucky enough to get a lift to the Julie Rose Stadium where I did the one way route alongside main, eco and northern Lakes then over the fields next to the Great Stour and home.

Woodland Fungi
Some Fungi in a small copse close to home

Due to some Canoeists on the main lake, beside a group of nine Egyptian Geese and some Coots, it was very quiet, as were both the Eco and Northern Lakes.
No small birds visible but the northern field came to the rescue with a Great Spotted Woodpecker sitting on the tallest twig of a tree and about 50 plus Starlings.

Woodpecker on top branch of tree Yellowhammer
Greater Spotted Woodpecker – Yellowhammer

Alongside the Great Stour some 30 Swallows were active weaving and skimming the water and surrounding fields…and me ! Some coming within six feet. Taking a photo was an impossibility !

The best sighting of the day though was in the hedgerows of the fields just below my house, some 20 plus Yellowhammers, easily the most I’ve seen at any one time in the 18 years I’ve been here.
Being of res status,, very encouraging indeed.

Very aware Nuthatch
The Nuthatch saw me coming!!

Eastwell Lake

Needing to go down town on Sunday I made a detour on my return journey to Eastwell Lake. Here well over 300 Greylag and Canada Geese all mixing in.
Beside some Mallards, just a parent and juvenile Great Crested Grebe spotted.

Parent and juvenile Great Crested Grebe

Canada and Greylag Geese
No shortage of Geese!

As usual, the Graveyard produced some Nuthatches but little else about.

Tomorrow I’m off to Godmersham for the Launch of the Stour Project, for which I have volunteered as a River Warden.
The river being just a few hundred meters away, this will be a joy to do and I’m sure I will be learning a lot more.
News to follow!

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