Waxwings, a morning to remember!

Thanks to my birding buddy Neil re-tweeting info of some Waxwings seen over the last few days behind St.Jame’s Church East Malling, I drove the 30 minutes in hope they would still be there.
They were, twenty four of them !
Being a Sunday morning, this was no problem, so the M20 was good to me.

Waxwing behind East Malling Church

An added bonus was BTO had put up netting amongst the Apple Trees and turned up to do some ringing.
Luckily I’d timed it right and had 15 minutes of getting good views before the Ringers turned up which obviously flushed the non netted birds to scatter away into a nearby field.


4 Waxwings on Apple Tree Waxwing-close-up Waxwing on Apples

Needless to say I was not alone, five other Birders were there, from Sevenoaks, Bearstead and Rochester

Two Waxwings on Tree Waxwing with Ringer

Goldcrest and Redwing

Goldcrest to be ringed

An added bonus was that not only had BTO netted the Waxwings, but a Goldcrest and Redwing also.
I had seen a Goldcrest in the hand before at BTO Dungeness, but this one appeared even smaller! I was told the Redwing was one year old, apparently small white markings on their wings show this.

Redwing in hand for ringing

I drove home with a smile on my face and a warm heart, a special morning and one I won’t forget !

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