I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m sure there aren’t so many Butterflies this time last year.
My fear is that with the warm end to Winter which caused quite a few wildlife species to come out early, some were not strong enough when we had the very cold snap in April?

Speckled Wood Butterfly
Speckled Wood Butterfly

I’ve seen a few Speckled Woods, Small Tortoiseshell, Small Blues and Peacocks, but nowhere near enough I’d say. The edge of the fields here are a wildlife haven?

Rabbit in June Robin guarding it's nest
An alert Rabbit and right, the Robin still sitting on the same twig guarding it’s nest (2 weeks now!)

This morning I walked up the Lane over the A28 and strolled around the Cricket and Hockey Pitches.
Rabbits do not seem to have a problem with expanding their numbers this year, along a stretch of about 100 meters I saw 32!
Last year and th year before a few ventured to the edge of our Garden. I could never quite work out why they never entered. Maybe I’m talking too soon !

Jay in the Garden
The Jay under the front garden bird feeder

Being such a lovely day I also ventured down across the fields as far as the railway line. The only thing I got was wet! With the heavy rain last night the Corn Field had sagged somewhat and narrow Footpath was a challenge!
Needless to say wildlife wise I came across nothing! But a very pleasant walk in relatively hot sunshine.

Tomorrow I’m off to Dungeness so maybe there will conjure up some goodies for me.

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