Mid winter sent me, as well as my usual two wildlife patches around Bishop’s Waltham just to Titchfield Haven, Totten and the New Forest.

Wild Deer Bishop's Waltham

Around the Patch included 100’s of Redwing. Not unusual at this time of the year but maybe unusual in the fact I didn’t see any Fieldfare. Of special interest to them were the Football Pitches, medium height and quite soggy most of the time.

It’s surprising how many wild Deer you get around here. They keep you on your toes because you never seem to know where they’re going to spring out from. When they do make a run, it’s a hopeful grab of the camera. On the rare occasion, this works quite well !

Redwing bird Song Thrush in January Waxwing at Totten
Redwing – Song Thrush – Waxwing

Waxwings don’t often appear in this part of the Country. Suddenly quite a large flock turned up at Totten where they stripped the trees in the Asda Car Park dry. Shoppers were quite bemused by some 30 Birders a day turning up, they even attracted BBC South who gave them good coverage !

Black Tailed Godwits
Black Tailed Godwits
Nuthatch in January

Titchfield Haven sported the usual Waders including quite a few Black Tailed Godwits and Avocets.
The Turnstones which congregate along the beach opposite the Visitor Centre and Restaurant attract many visitors and they integrate with the passers by in a very tame manner.

All in all it was a pretty much normal January here in South Hampshire although a number of Ospreys were spotted around the coast and a good number of Goshawks within the New Forest.


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