Blue Tits eating Peanuts
Blue Tits taking control !
Yellowhammer in Hedgerow Stonechat Siskin
Yellowhammer in Garden – Stonechat, Dungeness – Siskin, Conningbrook Lakes
Male Reed Bunting Dungeness Seal at Warsash Hampshire Pintails and Teals Oare Marshes
Reed Bunting, Dungeness – Seal at Warsash – Pintails & Teals, Oare Marshes
Frozen lake Oare Marshes Nuthatch Merganser Eastwell Lake
Oare Marshes – Nuthatch, Eastwell Lake – Merganser, Eastwell Lake
Great White Egret Rye Harbour Long Eared Owl Dungeness Fieldfare
Great Egret, Rye Harbour – Long Eared Owl, Dungeness – Fieldfare down the Lane
Goldcrest Sevenoaks Nature Reserve
Goldcrest at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

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