Just a mile on from Warsash and where the River Hamble finally flows into Southampton Water, is Hook with Warsash.
There are a number of walks around and about, one to the water’s edge going through semi Woodland and Reeds, another into Woodland and finally open field and heath.

Chiffchaff in Spring Blossom
Chiffchaff in early Spring noisy mode!

I usually do a little of them all and for those who think miles, it’s not, the three areas can be done by walking probably just a mile and a half and all walks have their own character and tundra.


Again you will be subject to the passing dog or Cyclist but the area is large enough for you to find your own little corners and angles.
On this walk I went for the Woodland section and was surprised at how many birds I saw.

Greenfinch Singing Goldcrest in Spring
Greenfinch – Goldcrest

I didn’t have to look far to see Nuthatches and Goldcrests, two fo the not so easy to spot birds.
There were many Green Woodpeckers in the long grass of the open land, but too quick for me this time, pity.

Nuthatch early Spring

The other nice thing about this area is that it can be quite windy along the water, but most of the Woodland and Heath is protected from any cold breezes which may be apparent.
Other things to look out for are the occasional Weasel and Curlews feeding in the Fields when the tide is in, also a place where 100’s of Geese can take a rest.

I always enjoy it there. Even if I see few birds, the scenery is splendid and the tall trees give the Woodland areas quite an ancient feel.

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