Nettle Compost Activator

The nettle is a plant that requires high levels of nitrogen in the soil to grow well, using the leaves in sprays of several kinds. As well as using nettles as an activator on the compost heap the organic gardener can use them as a liquid manure and as an aphicide - to kill aphids (greenfly)
Gather 224g (l/21b) young nettles and soak in a bucket of water for a week. Strain and use undiluted as a control of aphids and some other insects. Add the mushy nettles to the compost heap

Long-keeping horseradish sauce

For the syrup: 1/2 pt white vinegar to 1/2/pt white sugar + a little salt. Dig horseradish root in midsummer.Wash well and peel underwater. Cut up the root roughly and put through the finest cutters of mincer. In meantime make the syrup by dissolving the sugar and salt in tye vinegar over a low heat. Allow to go cold. Use a wide-neck jar with a vinegar-proof lid. Pack in a little horseradish then add a little syrup - fill the jar in this manner. Make sure it is tightly packed and no air spaces are left. This will keep 12 months or more. To serve: To a tablespon of horseradish add same quantity of thick cream and extra vinegar to taste

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