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Put your skill to use for earning extra money

Many Website owners find that after a few hundred pages of articles they can start drying up, become keyboard dead if you like.

Many is a time when I've said to myself at the beginning of the week I'm going to write 20 pages and if lucky and pushed myself, done only three!

Websites thrive on 'original content', it brings more visitors to the Site and Search Engines pick up on this - greatly! The process of starting a website of your own is quite easy, but it can take many month's for you to get indexed by the Search Engines, listed and even after that, you may be a way down the rankings and not get any visitors, unless you pay for advertising of course. So rather than write articles for yourself, why not try writing articles for others?

To begin with it won't make you a millionaire, but if you write well and get a name for yourself, the payments could well go up! Most web articles are between 400 and 600 words and are composed around keywords, especially the title and the first paragraph - what the Search Engine crawler looks at.

What do you write about?

The subject matter is of course down to you, but I would suggest you write about thing's you know about, such as Beekeeping, Knitting, Model Railways or whatever. Don't try and put everything on to one page. If you're writing say about Model Railways, write an article on rolling stock, another on scenery, another on buildings etc. The more about the same thing, the more pages you are going to sell! Writing reviews is also another good one, not just the normal product type, but reviews perhaps of a holiday resort, not just a particular Hotel, go wider than that.

How much to Charge?

This can really vary, most Websites who buy articles to resell would probably start at around £5, this can go up the more popular you become. To write a 400 word article can take 20 minutes or it can take an hour, it depends how the pen flows. From my own experience, the articles which do best are those which flow.
I've taken over an hour to write a page using all the 'rules and guidelines, keywords etc.' only to find it hasn't shown on Search Engines at all, whereas I've written what I've thought to be a pretty rough page in 15 minutes and it's been highly viewed.

Some Websites pay you a certain amount per page view. This could or could not work well for you, either way you'd probably have to wait for payment and would need some sort of monitoring system. I'd go the straight sale and money in the Bank! It could become a lucrative sideline for you, but even if you only sold one or two, it's more than you had when you woke up that morning!

In the first instance I would try writing a few testers. Write about a recent holiday or a challenge, make it about 400 - 600 words.
After you've done that, search a few websites of that theme. Ask yourself if you feel you've made a better job than they have, if you feel you have, great. You may even find there's space for an ebook, but then 400 words becomes 20,000!

As soon as you think of something write it down. Try and remember later - you've had it!!

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