Chilham Village - Video

A short movie taking you around the Village and Lake

This video starts off with the famous Chilham Castle, take you to the Church, down the narrow lanes with their period Cottages then onward to Chilham Mill and the large Lake.

Much of the Lakeside is now shut to the Public but a footpath takes you along the west side, a fine start to a gentle ramble from Chilham to Chartham or onward to Canterbury.

The Lake is reknown for it's large Carp, the largest of which was known as 'Benson' weighing in at 64lb (29kg), the fish died recently at the recorded age of 25.

For further details on Angling on the Lake, go to the Mid Kent Fisheries Website.

The Railway Station is right next to the Lake and Mill entrance. Find out how and when to get there on the National Rail Enquiries Website

For a decent walk around the Village and Lake allow about 2 - 3 hours, but there's some good food to be eaten in the Village Centre Restaurants! Half Banner

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